Writing Lab


Writing Lab Project
For this assignment, you will be creating a five paragraph essay based on a theme you find in ________________________ (whatever piece of literature is chosen).  However, the essay is not just due on the last day of the assignment, but we will be creating it step by step, from intro, to body paragraphs, to conclusion.


Each part of the essay has different tasks that must be completed – in order – before moving to the next task.  All tasks must be approved and checked off by a teacher before moving on to the next one.  There will be a lot of revising on each task.  This will help you make your writing better and better, until each part of the essay is up to the status of a solid final draft.


INTRO PARAGRAPH (Final draft portion due by the end of day 3)

  • 4-Color Intro Paragraph
    • Use four different colored pencils or highlighters and write a 4-sentence intro paragraph. Each sentence should be a different color.  Make a key on the side of the paper that shows what type of sentence each color is (ex:  green = hook; yellow = general theme; etc.)


  • Begin Final Draft of Intro
    • Take your 4-color intro paragraph with the revisions and feedback you have received and create a final draft. This final draft must also be approved by the teacher before you can move on.


BODY PARAGRAPHS 1 & 2 (Final drafts due by the end of day 6 )

  • Colored Body Paragraph – first body only
    • For the first body paragraph, write each part in a different color (topic sentence, TLQ, MEAN, MATTER is 2-3 sentences of the same color, conclusion)


  • Final Draft – first body only
    • Create a clean, revised first body paragraph.


  • Final Draft – second body
    • You can skip the colored sentences for this one, but make sure all the right parts are still included.



COUNTER-CLAIM (Final draft due by the end of day 8)

  • Counter-Claim Statement
    • At the top of a blank page, write what a counter-claim to your argument might be, explaining it in a couple sentences. Then, write an explanation in a sentence or two as to why your claim is still correct, or why the counter-claim is wrong.


  • Colored Counter-Claim Paragraph
    • Use a different color to write each section if this paragraph (Topic sentence to intro counter claim, explain counter claim, TLQ for evidence that supports YOUR claim, MEAN, MATTER, conclusion)


  • Final Draft
    • Revise your counter-claim paragraph into a clean, complete paragraph.


CONCLUSION (Final due by end of day 9)

  • 4-Color Conclusion
    • Use a different color for each different part of the conclusion (restate main points, overview main thought, walk-away statement)


  • Final Draft
    • Revise your conclusion so that it is clean, solid, and complete.


COMPLETE ROUGH DRAFT (Due at the BEGINNING of class on day 10)

At the start of day 10 we will be editing each other’s papers.  You must have put all of your approved pieces together into a typed, complete rough draft.  Your classmates will read and review them, offering helpful suggestions.  Take these suggestions home and revise your complete essay one last time.


FINAL FINAL DRAFT (Due day 11  at the start of class)

Your complete essay is due at the start of class.  It should be typed, and all the parts that have been approved must be attached to it as well, either stapled or paper clipped.